Preppy: (Adjective) of or typical of a student or graduate of an expensive prep school, especially with reference to their style of dress.

For Example: "the preppy look"

Being "preppy" isn't just the clothes you wear. It is who you are. It is timeless elegance, simplicity and dignity. It is a style dawned by the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Kate Middleton and Blair Waldorf. It connects you to the ocean, to a smart, ambitious class of people. This is my guide to dressing and acting preppy. Are you preppy like me? Send a postcard.

Characteristics: Dignified, Confident, Well Rounded, Intelligent and Old Fashioned

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Hobbies: Sailing, Golf, Reading, Horseback Riding and Shopping

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Casual Look: Formal pieces like skirts and sweaters. Clean, subtle and complimentary colors. Natural looking hair and makeup.

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Formal: Sleek, feminine cuts. Minimal accessories and pattern mixing. Floral colors or black and white.

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Home Decorating: Lots of land needed for parties, and outdoor games. Preferably by the ocean. Vibrant colors, patterns featuring sleek lines and flowers.

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Where To Shop: Vineyard Vines, Lily Pulitzer and J. Crew

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Miscellaneous Inspiration:

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