〆 Stay hydrated
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It's very important to keep hydrated during the day, allowing yourself to drink at least 8-9 glasses of fluids water a day.

〆 Get active!
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Whether it's getting out and taking a small jog, having a quick shimmy & shake in or outside of the house, cooking, sports, sightseeing etc. Just going out in general can really help to boost your confidence!

〆Have a balanced diet
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Having a balanced diet is somewhat important for a comfortable lifestyle. Vitamins and minerals are the things you need to help yourself grow. Not eating enough fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains and fortified dairy foods may increase your risk for health problems such as, heart disease, cancer and poor bone health.

〆Try to stay calm
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One of the key things that lead to stress and anxiety is the lack of serenity. I've found, meditation is a very pristine way of letting go & finding yourself through your consciousness. Maybe, watching your favorite show or movie will help to bring you back to your greater mind set. It's always good to try and keep the complex things off your mind, speaking to somebody also helps with letting go of your troubles and thoughts!

〆 Earlier resting hours
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The earlier you rest your mind, the better. When you wake up in the morning feeling funky fresh, it'll be easier for you get through the day! If you struggle going to sleep, this may be a sign of a sleeping disorder, which is also caused by stress and anxiety which is why it's best to try and stay tranquil and carefree.

〆Caring for yourself
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Just trying to care for your skin, your body will do a massive help for your wellbeing! There are many hydrating mists, cleansers and lotions you can buy and boy, are they so good for your skin! While doing this, there are also many scents for your room as well and it's recommended while you are keeping yourself hydrated and pristine, you should also keep the environment around you immaculate!

〆 Comfortable Clothing
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It's always best to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. The clothing you feel most comfortable in will be the clothing you should be wearing most of the time. Not only does this make you feel cosy and snug, but it will prevent from discomfort during those netflix evenings, etc.

〆 Smile!
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Smile, because you are loved. Smile because your smile is like a million stars lighting up the night sky. Your smile, can and will change the world. Your smile is beautiful, gorgeous, handsome.

You are amazing.