Hi Guys, I've been feeling really happy later and so I wanted to document it, specifically what makes me feel happy. I hope you can relate somehow, or maybe this'll inspire you to create your own happy list.


1. The smell of morning air. It's dewy and smells fresh and you physically feel your soul smiling.

2. Finding new songs, something that ALWAYS brightens my mood is finding songs that are yet to be discovered. (* Cough cough * This city by Sam Fischer is great.)

3. Drinking freezing cold water as soon as you wake up. You feel the water rush down your throat and into your stomach, leaving an icy cold trail behind that automatically brings a smile to your face.

4. The colour yellow. How bright and happy it is. It reminds me of sunshine and bananas and honey and bees. All of which brighten my mood almost instantaneously.

5. BEES!!!! They're so small and gorgeous and mean no harm. They're little small fuzzy bodies fly from flower to flower collecting pollen and sprinkling some over flowers that need a little extra and just... ugh. They're blessings to this earth and we need to keep them safe.

6. The smell of rain. The earth after It's been freshly replenished of the water that it needs. It's nice. I normally open up all the windows, sit down, make a fresh cup of tea, grab a fuzzy blanket and read a few chapters of the current novel I'm reading.

7. Cleaning. I know, I know, how weird of me. But I love vacuuming and dusting and just de-cluttering EVERYTHING! It's nice to get rid of things you don't need.

8. Having a nice, long, hot shower. Shower's make anyone feel so good, especially if it's nice and hot. You physically feel all the germs and B.O and just everything glide off and down the drain. Adding some nice body wash and giving yourself a full night of just treating yourself to products you don't usually use is good for both your soul and physical being.

9. Writing. Creating characters that are your IDEAL people is so fun. Letting your imagination run wild and just... be free.

10. Gardening. giving back to the earth. Taking care of something that's your decision, not anyone else's. It's fun, you feel like a mother in a way.

Hey guys, sorry this isn't what I usually write about but I've been feeling happy lately and just, yeah. I wanted to jot down what makes me happy so that I don't forget this happy period in my life. I hope you have an amazing day, and until next time,

Bye babes xoxoxox