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Hey! I was tagged by the lovely Sabine to do this tag, that was created by @paulien_99, so here I go!

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This is the #LetterByLetterChallenge, and the rules are pretty simple, just answer each topic with a word or something starting with each of the letters of your name/nickname.

↠ M I L A G R O S ↞

➼ songs

mr brightside - the killers
idgaf - dua lipa
love is a laserquest - arctic monkeys
autumn leaves - ed sheeran
guns for hands - twenty one pilots
robbers - the 1975
only love - pvris
sweather weather - the neighbourhood

girl and dua lipa image the 1975 and matty healy image

➼ tv shows, books and movies

moana - movie
if i stay - book
love, rosie - movie
alice in wonderland - movie
grey's anatomy - tv show
ratatouille - movie
open water - movie
soul surfer - movie

if i stay, love, and movie image lily collins, love rosie, and movie image

➼ characteristics


deep, equality, and inspiration image Image removed

➼ celebrities or characters

mila kunis - shes the real queen
irwin - as for ashton irwin lol
luke hemmings - love u buddy
adam wilde - (from if i stay)
greg sulkin - (big crush back in the day)
ross macdonald (from the 1975 <3)
olly bright - (from everything, everything; i just love nick robinson ok bye)
spencer reid - (from criminal minds)

Mila Kunis and mila image luke hemmings, 5sos, and slfl image

➼ random

maui - one of the many places i want to visit
ink - i want a lot of tattoos but that actually kinda scares me
landscapes - im a lover of nature
autumn - my favorite season
gumusservi - a word that i discovered recently, that means: moonlight shining on water
rustic - i've been into this style lately
ocean - pretty self explanatory
sounds good feels good - one of my favorites albums

tattoo and arm image autumn, mountains, and road image

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