I am absolutely obsessed with the hunger games books and movies. katniss is such a huge inspiration to me. not only did she risk her life to save her sister, but her strength created a whole revolution. I just can't get enough. i admire her toughness and strength and her ' i dont give a damn' attitude.

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she's also another tribute from the hunger games. she's a bitch but i honestly love her so much.

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i love stranger things so much and eleven is honestly one of my favorite characters of all time. she is so smart and badass and doesn't let anyone get in her way. her mind powers is honestly the coolest thing ever.

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QUEEN ELIZABETH II ( the crown, netflix)

i honestly think that everyone should watch the crown. it is such a beautiful series and you can learn quite a lot about the royal family.
elizabeth had been thrown into the heavy burden of ruling a country, shorlty after her father's death. despite her huge constant battle between her personal feelings and what she has to do as queen, she goes through it all which makes her one of the most powerful figures in the world ( the show and real life!) and that for me is truly inpirational. god save the queen.

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if you love fashion , you should definitly watch the 'devil wears prada'. miranda is one of the baddest out there. they way she works and gains her respect is very inspiratonal. don't ever mess with miranda. that's all.

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