fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image glasses, black, and hand image shoes, fashion, and black image
Big Sweaters / Leather Jackets / Rings / Boots


green, nature, and theme image gif, clouds, and purple image stars, sky, and blue image Image by Mary Nacca ♥
Emerald Green / Purple / Dark Blue / White


coffee, ravenclaw, and book image aesthetic, music, and mic image Image by 戴安娜 summer, girl, and beach image
Reading / Singing / Photography / Volleyball


london, Big Ben, and city image background, beautiful, and cities image bar, beer, and dublin image amazing, architecture, and beautiful place image
London, England / Portland, Oregon / Dublin, Ireland / Bordeaux, France


animal, beautiful, and black image animal, animals, and porcupine image animal, cute, and bunny image animal, blue eye, and brown eye image
Schnauzer / Porcupine / Bunny / Husky


Image by sara_kriss cherry, food, and pie image Image by angelja food, pasta, and spaghetti image
Fries / Cherry Pie / Coffee / Pasta

Dreams and Goals.

camera, creative, and gear image Temporarily removed study and doctor image blue, inspiration, and journal image
Actress / Singer / Doctor / Travel the World


book, harry potter, and coffee image book image book, glitter, and instax image book, ya, and mara dyer image
Harry Potter / A Monster Calls / The Selection / The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer Trilogy


Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image ac dc image little mix image goals, photoshoot, and niall horan image
Harry Styles / AC/DC / Little Mix / Niall Horan


Marvel, spiderman, and homecoming image harry potter image loki, Marvel, and tom hiddleston image v for vendetta and wallpaper image
Spiderman: Homecoming / Harry Potter / Thor Ragnarok / V for Vendetta


supernatural, Jensen Ackles, and castiel image sherlock, sherlock holmes, and john watson image article and riverdale image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and millie bobby brown image
Supernatural / Sherlock / Riverdale / Stranger Things
So this is me.
"This is Me" is also one my favorite songs from the Greatest Showman along with "A Million Dreams" and "Rewrite the Stars." The soundtrack for that movie was one of the greatest I have heard. I literally cried when I first heard "A Million Dreams" for the first time.