Hello guys ! I specify, this my opinion and that everyone is not of the same opinion.
-xoxo ♡

black and white, gif, and I Love You image love, american horror story, and ahs image
I. Tate & Violet - American Horror Story, season 1.
gif, riverdale, and cole sprouse image gif image
II. Jughead & Betty - Riverdale.
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III. Jackson & Lydia - Teen Wolf.
gif, skam, and noorhelm image skam, william, and noora image
IV. Noora & William - Skam.
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V. Ross & Rachel - F.R.I.E.N.D.S
gif, kiss, and riverdale image gif, riverdale, and kj apa image
VI. Veronica & Archie - Riverdale.
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VII. Kit & Grace - American Horror Story, season 2.
gif, dominic sherwood, and clary fray image gif, katherine mcnamara, and shadowhunters image
VIII. Jace & Clary - Shadowhunters.
gif, stranger things, and eleven image aww, eleven, and smile image
IX. Mike & Eleven - Stranger Things. (they're not in couple, but...)
feelings, old, and ghost whisperer image <3, gif, and jim image
X. Jim & Mélinda - Ghost Whisperer.