I am blue, I am red, I am yellow, hell I am a rainbow.
My emotions are immutable,
but some days they are grey
without color, without concept, without feeling.
Some days they are red
blazing with emotion
craving love and adventure
some days I am blue
cold and small
then I am yellow
smiling and laughing joyously
I spring like the beautiful season
flowers blooming from my heart and soul
inspiration pollinating me like bees
then I am immutable
undefined and unrecognizable
my emotions overwhelm me until I am drowning in a blue sea, burning in a red fire, and blinded by the yellow sun
send me a rainbow with a pot full of colors and pick one for me
better yet i'll pick it myself

p.s I am not the best at poetry, but I still love writing it! follow me for more articles and hearts :)