Love is a fundamental feeling living inside our souls. Love is such a deep word we could barely understand. Most of the times we live confusing love with many other feelings: sadness, boredom, codependency, lonelines, just to full the emptiness in our hearts, or to feel that are least you are needed by someone.

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me.
For sure it hurts, I am sad and I can`t stop writing him and deleting the messages I send. I am not quite sure how to feel. But is just at this moment, being in this scenario, when I really, clearly think about him, about our relationship as an external person.

I did care about him and his feelings, and I know he did too. But after reflecting so much, after feeling so guilty about so many damn things I had just realized this was not all my fault. It was not only about me, it was not just my responsability but he kept blaming it on me, on the fact I didn`t pay that much attention to him, "you weren`t so cold with me when I met you" he always said, well yes, but he was different with me to, and I accepted him without any excuse, I never blame anything on him.

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me, such a shame, even though I feel so sad.