I'm a very creative person and have always liked to create a character in a movie or show I like. Ideas like these come very easy for me and it wasn't until @shiacer's article that I considered writing this.This idea is also inspired by the new Powerpuff girl: Bliss.

Name: Valerie Maikasa
Age: 15

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Sailor Scout Name: Sailor Eris
Sailor Scout Colors: icey blue, silver and white with a golden circle on the bow.
Power Type: a mix of fire and water.

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  • Eris Crystal Rosary; a icey blue necklace. Only thing keeping the Sailor Scout alive.
  • Sacred Gold Staff; engraved from the planet and can transform into other Eris's weapons. Can be used to swipe one off their feet via Tsunami Strike.
  • Silver Cyclone Dagger; used to paralyze victims with one cut.
  • Water Athame; used to paralyze evil spirits possessing an innocent being.
  • Eris Golden Sword; purpose for using it as a defense weapon towards evil.
  • -Water Ethereal Wand; used to foresee a slight image of a target for a few seconds.
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  • Eris Hybrid; fire and water combination attack.
  • Tsunami Strike; hitting the floor with the staff causes a tidal wave to erupt at the tip of the staff and make everyone fall back.
  • Eris Dragon Evolution; a flame that starts at the bottom of the left foot circles around the body before attacking the enemy.
  • Fire Water Catapult; hits an enemy with a ball of fire and water.
  • Underwater Fire; a jet stream of water shoots out in hands and burst into flames once it touches something.
  • Golden Water River; a gold stream of light and water that slows anyone in its path down. Comes out of the staff.
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