I had this amazing idea. Everyone has problems, may it be with themself, someone or even something. There's only one way i personally know to get rid of my problem and that's to talk it out or retrace the steps taken and solve it.

well here's something a little different. Write it down as an article on WHI and post it. Hear me out, yea it might be a personal problem but you'll never know how to solve it until you try my challenge.

for example
you might meet a new person who has a problem similar to yours.
or you can ask for help in solving the problem and anyone who reads your article can comment or dm you a suitable answer.

just try it It's not permanent,so it doesn't hurt to try. I will personally be the first person to do it.

use the hashtag #MyProblemChallenge and also tag me in it on whichever social media platform you do the challenge on

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