I didn't ever understand it.
I was just so sad and down without any reason.
I needed an escape.
I found a person, he just got me into cutting, but by him I realised I am broken. I have always known about it. I have always felt it.
I just can't feel the normal way.
I seem nice and kind, but even I queston my personality.
I feel like the person I am alone is so so dark and emotionless. So numb.
I have not felt love, I don't think I am capable of love. I have a feeling I will never feel love, my emotions are too broken.
I don't want to be so emotionless. I don't want to be sad.
I can push it away for a while, but it will always be there with me, hiding, until I am alone in my room trying to sleep, it will lurk out and destroy my emotions.
I am empty, emotionless and broken.