Hello💗It’s me , Bianca❗️In today’s article i’ll show you 8 things that will help you to make a good first impression💞
So let’s get started😍

1. Smile

Even you have a RBF, you gotta at least try😜

selena gomez, rose, and selena image selena gomez, smile, and gif image
2. Listen

People like to talk and they like to share their stories💟

3. Don’t rule yourself out

Be confident - everyone is “in your league”

4. Ditch the expectations

Take the pressure off & relax😉

5. Play

Be yourself and make jokes, tell subtle digs...it’s fun!

6. Don’t be intimidated

You are worthy of this conversation.

7. Be mindful of timing & cues

If they are giving you a hint, take it.

8. Just ask

Girls and guys don’t get asked out very often-so go for it


Ok guys💘This was the article🎀Hope you to enjoy it🖤

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