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Anyways... hey everybody! I was tagged by the amazing Athena to do the #LetterByLetterChallenge, which is what I will be doing today! This tag was created by Paulien (@paulien_99), give her a follow as well:


The original article:

How it works is that you use your name or nickname, and for every letter of that name, you write something for each given category. My name is Sabine for those of you who don't know, and this is a perfect little way to get to know me better. Let's go!

(not taking “The” into consideration)

accessories, jewellery, and drinks image summer, travel, and adventure image

1 › songs

Surrender by WALK THE MOON

Antichrist by The 1975

Big Picture by London Grammar

In Undertow by Alvvays

1965 by Zella Day (I know it’s a stretch)

Everything Now by Arcade Fire

aesthetic, green, and quotes image nature, travel, and landscape image

2 › tv shows, movies & books

Simon Against The Homo Sapiens Agenda (book, movie is coming on 3/16)

Avatar, The Last Airbender (tv show I basically grew up on)

The Breakfast Club (movie)

Intouchables (movie)

Napoleon Dynamite (movie)

The End Of The F***ing World (tv series)

Alyssa, series, and netflix image The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image

3 › characteristics





Noteworthy ~ at least, that’s what I’m striving to be (there aren’t many adjectives starting with n)


theme, art, and paint image fashion and dress image

4 › celebrities or characters

Simone Biles (athlete, overall amazing person)

Allen, as in Louisa Rose Allen, as in Foxes (singer, my interpretation of goddess) ~ Not really fair but I had to put her in here

Bleachers (band)

Imagine Dragons (band)

Neville Longbottom (character from Harry Potter)

Eleven (character from Stranger Things, ‘cause she’s a badass)

quotes image stranger things and black and white image

5 › random

Sonder ~ a word whose meaning I really like: it’s basically "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”*

Apricot ~ this is my favorite word at the moment, I don’t know why

Big words ~ I love using big words, adjectives and adverbs… at all times, because why not?

Independent ~ I have this fucking issue in real life where I don’t want help from anyone ever and I just have the need to be independent, I’m working on it though

Nature ~ In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a lover of nature, outer space in particular

Eager to learn ~ I just… wanna know new things, learn about new places, cultures, everything

green, nature, and summer image fruit and food image


Thank you so much for reading! Now it’s my turn to tag people…
I’ve found some new interesting people on this lovely site in the past few days/weeks, and I’m eager to know more about them, so here ya go. In no particular order:

Matilde ⤲
Matilde ⤲

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*Where I found the definition of sondering: