if you don't know (haha song reference) already, I spent a solid 2 and a bit years stanning 5SOS (5 Seconds Of Summer). but there was absolutely nOTHING going on in the fandom and i was so bored so i left, like many did.


In the past day or so there's been some weird updates from them on their twitter, changing their banner, the profile picture is a different kind of logo, they've posted strange videos (teasing the new album/lead single?) and everyone, both in still in the fandom and those who left (like me) are hyped up for it.

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this photo was posted on the 5SOS official twitter account.
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everyone, including the band themselves, are freaking out.

my predictions on what would happen

  • if they release a single first, everyone is gonna watch it - those who have left the fandom, people still in the fandom, one direction fans and some other random people would watch it and it will blow up, especially since they haven't made anything new since 2016.
  • it will get on the charts - whether its the iTunes charts or the Billboard Hot 100, i reckon its highly likely that it'll get on the charts because (above paragraph). i honestly think that they could win some awards off that album, and hopefully its not the 'Worst Band' award (which they won 2 years in a row).
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  • kpop fans will come back to 5SOS - now this is exactly what's happening to me tbh - they wouldn't leave their kpop fandom but they sure will come back to the 5SOS fandom, whether it's temporarily to support their former faves or come back and love them like they used to.
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  • since many people left for kpop, I predict that they would be doing what's usually done when a kpop group releases a music video - 'lets get this to 20 million streams in 24 hours!! KEEP STREAMING * insert song name *!!!
  • the album is gonna be great - 5SOS has literally done nothing in the past two years, so if they release something, it better be good. enough said.
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this was literally some random thoughts i had when i saw the twitter posts, soo thanks for reading guys!

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- miu ♡