Hi guys! Considering that I am part of the #mendesarmy and that I'm completely in love with Shawn Mendes, I decided to do an article with my favorite lyrics from his musics!

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Life of the party (my favorite):

We don't have to be ordinary
Make your best mistakes
'Cause we don't have the time to be sorry
So baby be the life of the party

Show you:

And I will walk this road ahead
One hundred miles on my hands
Do I need to show you?
Guess I gotta show you
And if you don't believe me now
I'll flip the whole world upside down

The weight:

You're inside my head
In the middle of the night
When I don't feel right
I dream I can hold you,
And I can't go back to you anymore, yeah, yeah


And now that I'm without your kisses
I'll be needing stitches

Never be alone:

Take a piece of my heart
And make it all your own
So when we are apart
You'll never be alone
When you miss me close your eyes
I may be far but never gone

Kid in love:

If this is what it's like falling in love
Then I don't ever wanna grow up
Maybe I'm just a kid in love

Something big:

If we stomp our feet,
The ground will shake
If we clap our hands,
The walls will break
Yell so loud won't forget our names
'Cause something big is happening

A little too much:

Sometimes it all gets a little too much
But you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up
And you don't have to be afraid, because we're all the same
And we know that sometimes it all gets a little too much


Let your dreams take flight
And your heart ignite

Did you know that it's true
Everything is possible
There's nothing we can't do
It's a wild and beautiful fire
And I believe in you


Consuming all the air inside my lungs
Ripping all the skin from off my bones
I'm prepared to sacrifice my life
I would gladly do it twice
Oh, please have mercy on me
Take it easy on my heart
Even though you don't mean to hurt me
You keep tearing me apart

Treat you better:

I'll stop time for you
The second you say you'd like me to
I just wanna give you the loving that you're missing
Baby, just to wake up with you
Would be everything I need and this could be so different
Tell me what you want to do

Don't be a fool:

Trying to pull me in
Cause I'm just a mess
You don't wanna fix
Just promise me one thing that you won't forget
But for now kiss me softly before I say

Lights On:

I wanna love you with the lights on
Keep you up all night long
Darling, I wanna see every inch of you
I get lost in the way you move
I wanna love you with the lights on
Hold you 'til the night's gone

Bad reputation:

And I don't care what they say about you baby
Trust me, I could be the one to treat you like a lady
Let me see what's underneath, all I need is you

Understand ( my favorite from Illuminate):

That I've been on this train too long
People getting off and on
Praying that I don't forget where I belong
And every time I ask myself
Am I turning into someone else?
I'm praying that I don't forget just who I am
Cause we all get lost sometimes
But don't leave your heart

Hold on:

I don't know what
You're going through
But there's so much life
Ahead of you
And it won't slow down
No matter what you do
So you just gotta hold on
All we can do is hold on, yeah


I'm not tryna start a fire with this flame
But I'm worried that your heart might feel the same
And I have to be honest with you baby
Tell me if I'm wrong, and this is crazy
But I got you this rose and I need to know
Will you let it die or let it grow?

There is nothing holding me back:

'Cause if we lost our minds
And we took it way too far
I know we'd be alright,
Know we would be alright
If you were by my side
And we stumbled in the dark
I know we'd be alright,
I know we would be alright

Hope you guys liked it! I love him so much and all the messages he is able to pass trough his music!

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to DM me!