I can be hard
I can be soft
I was made to be big...to be a bomb
I was made for legendary moments
I can be emotional
I can be strong
I was made to fight
I have battle scars and i can be proud of them
Ill make it
Im making it
I was made for big moments i know it, for revolucions!
I was made to praise Him
I am made to glory Him
Thank you Jesus
I can be art - ugly and pretty
I was made to create
I am a mystery to myselfe
I dig deep in myselfe
I will be brave
Im being brave!
I'll let myselfe be myselfe.

I wrote this at 02.am

Thank YOU for reading this. This means a lot to me.I hope you liked it. If you have instagram her is my username 03.0am
this is me in the cover image lol