So recently I have come to realize that I have been in a toxic friendship. She was not good for me at all. She accused me of things, and would constantly blow me off. This girl had moved late 2017, recently came back home, and honestly I was in the gray area of being happy and excited.
When she first moved was honestly a bad time for everyone. All of our friends were really busy with school, and not to mention the extra three hour practices after school for marching band. To be honest, I hate talking to people over snap or text. It is just something I personally do not like to do. Weird? I know. Anyways, she would occasionally post on her snapchat story that we were all ignoring her, and mistreating her. When in reality she was always grounded and never really tried to talk to any of us.
This went on for a few months, but what was weird was that she would always turn around and act totally different after she said such horrible stuff about us. I have also come to find out that she would constantly lie to all of us. That was when I kind of started to distance myself just a little bit. My boyfriend had just broke up with me and I honestly wanted to stay away from anyone who brought me down or others down.

Anyways the girl started to get better and wasn't lying as much, but there was just every once in awhile a situation where she would slip, I guess you could say. She moved back and within a day she was already starting drama with our friend group.
For instance, she started talking to a guy that our best friend used to date- who was actually talking to another friend of ours- so the best friend I am I told our other friend who used to date him. I only told her because I knew that this girl was not going to tell her. Why? Because this wasn't the first time she has liked him.
This girl had told me things that she had did and honestly I do admit that I told our other friend only because I thought she would tell her. She didn't and decided to take it upon herself and tell me to stop telling people about what she did.
Did I? Yes, I told her best friend. I realize now that her and all of us are to blame, but she had no right to confront me about it without any proof, and not to mention drag my ex into the conversation. That was a dick move might I add. As well as telling me that I had a "high ass ego" which honestly I cannot find anywhere except on her, while she rides her huge ass horse into town.
She has honestly brought me down so many times and I cannot believe all the shit that she has started in literally the past three days. She has let me down so many times, yet I was always there for her when someone started to bash her.
Anyways that was the story that inspired this article. I'm basically here to tell you all the warning signs I saw while in this friendship.

Here are ten signs you are in a toxic friendship:

1. They distance themselves from you.
2. They constantly blame things on you.
3. (An obvious one) They always have your name in their mouth, and not in a good way.
4. They tell you that you have changed in a bad way or that you need to change.
5. You are walking on egg shells. They get offended by the things you do and or say.
6. Constantly wanting you to put their happiness above yours.
7. You are riding an emotional roller coaster with them.
8. They are constantly lying to you.
9. They are always blowing you off to do something else.
10. They are putting a bunch of stress and anxiety on you mentally and emotionally.

I strongly advise you to stay away from toxic people in your life. They have no right to put you through anything but happiness. If they are showing any of these signs or just not being their normal selves and are being more hateful then you may be in a toxic friendship/relationship. It's 2018 you guys. Get those toxic people out of your lives, and get the ones who only want to push you forward towards your dreams and your happiness.