just a random list of things i want to do

✦ start an amv channel on youtube. i'd probably mainly do voltron and legend of zelda mvs, and i already have a couple ideas for videos. but i lowkey don't have enough editing talent so...
✦ play a legend of zelda game. i've never been much of a video game person, but i definitely want to give zelda a try. i especially want to play breath of the wild, and then afterwards maybe i'd do skyward sword or twilight princess.
✦ start reading more. i've loved reading since forever, but lately i haven't be reading as much due to school. while i used to be able to finish a book in a matter of days, it now takes me around two weeks. i want to try and motivate myself to read more frequently.
✦ clean out and organize my closet. i've already cleaned most of the clothes that don't fit me anymore out, but i still have to get rid of some other miscellaneous stuff. plus i want it organized so it can be at least somewhat neat.

— stardust ☆