I just think that music is an important part of everyone's lives. We all feel some kind of music in ourselves in different situations, and different music.

That's why I made this article, to give you inspiration to find your own music. To find your passion throw music and to be able to find yourself as well.

So, here is my shitty taste in music, enjoy

Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys

arctic monkeys, gif, and do i wanna know image
This song is a passionate, dark and heartbroken song everyone should listen to. if you ever get your heart broken, click on this song and your day will definitely be better.

Car radio - Twenty One Pilots

twenty one pilots, gif, and car radio image
This song has been in my life for years now, and I can still feel the same feeling I got from when I first heard it. This has an amazing lyrics with an amazing voice that made me feel something new. This was chocking, and I will never forget this song.

Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran

grunge image
Ed Sheeran is an artist that keeps suprising me for each song I listen to. This song contains drugs and acohol, and love. But the words are so powerful, i just cant stop listen to this.

I'm Sorry - Swell

Mature image
This is that type of song you'd listen to while studying, but in reality, you just sit still, and trying to figure out the meaning behind the lyrics. This is a beautiful song with such a chill vibe.

Cancer - My Chemical Romance

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This song is so meaningful and so powerful. The words in this song can put you into tears within a second if you listen to the lyrics.

Human - The Killers

*-*, dancers, and human image
The real question about humanity is in this song. If you ever feel like you dont fit in into this world, well, listen to this, beacuse you dont fit in. You are you, and that's what this song thaught me.

Afraid - The Neighbourhood

afraid, gif, and lyrcis image
People sleep to escape reality for a while, beacuse of people. Broken hearted people should listen to this, deep af.

Strange Fruit - Nina Simone

freedom, fear, and quotes image
You probably havent heard of this song, but trust me, this is some good music. The lyrics in this song is sooooooo meaningful, especially now in this world. Listen to this now, and change your perceptions about humans.

Could It Be Another Change - The Samples

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This song gives away a chill vibe right away. The lyrics is meaningful as heck, and it's a good old 80' song.

Begin - Nohidea

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This song is eye opening on soo many levels. It gives so many examples on how awful humans beings can be. Everything in this song is true, and eveyrthing we do, makes us monsters.

Well, this is the end of this chapter. Should I do part 2? Idk if you liked this or not heh..

But anyways, thank you sooooooo much for reading!

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Until next time,