Here are some tattoos I really want to get.

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Bouquet of Tulips

beautiful, bouquet, and flowers image tattoo, rose, and flowers image
Same placement as the rose tattoo

I want a bouquet of tulips for my grandmother, because she loved tulips and I always leave her a tulip-bouquet on all hallows' day and her birthday.

Captain Haddock's Hat

tintin, haddock, and love image tattoo, honey, and jeans image
I want it right above my elbow

For my dad I want to get Captain Haddock from Tintin's captain hat that he always wears because we have been watching Tintin together my entire life.
I'd get it pretty small.

Selena Gomez's Note

selena gomez, revival tour, and selena image beautiful, gif, and celebrities image
Exact same place as hers

So, Selena Gomez is my rolemodel, I've loved her since 2008. Her music and movies have ment a lot to me through the years and that's why I want to get the same tattoo as she has. It'll both represents my love for her and for music.

Powerful in Greek

collarbone, girl, and Tattoos image Image by MELINDA WORREN
I want it right under my collarbone

I want to get ισχυρή (thanks to @smileevelina00 who corrected me so I won't get an incorrect tattoo) which is the greek word for powerful, strong and mighty tattooed because Greece is a big part of my life. I went there for the first time when I was 2 months old and I've went almost every year after that.
I really feel like home there.
Also I want to get the word 'powerful' to remind me that I'm strong in who I am.

Matching with my best friend

disney, aladdin, and jasmine image Mature image
We're getting it on the inside of our arms

'No One to Tell Us No' is a line from A Whole New World in Aladdin. It is our song from our favorite movie (tied with Burlesque) and that line has always spoken to us. She's like my sister and we practically live together so we're getting it for her birthday.

These are some of the tattoos I'm planning on getting, I hope you can draw some inspiration from them.

Thank you for reading!