Ever since I was 7 years old ,I fell in love with the fictional super hero Superman.I liked the way he presented himself to the world.With respect ,honor,and protection.I was super exited when the new movie Man of Steel came out in 2013.My parents never bought it for me.I thought there was nothing wrong with liking Superman and other things that are things about Superheros.Then one day,I was with my aunt.She asked me what what my favorite movie.I told her that it was Superman.Man Of Steel.She had a reaction I unfortunately will never forget.She told I am only supposed to like Wonder Woman.Because I am a girl.I didn't say anything because it is disrespectful to talk back to your family.I told my mom about it and I was broken into two pieces.I cried.It hurt.Bad.It hurt mostly because it was my aunt who told me this.Not my friend . not my moms friend,but my aunt.My mom just told to ignore it,I tried to avoid talking about my liking about Superman around her.I had this other aunt who I could talk about Superman till death.It was an amazing connection with my other aunt.I just wished this could happen with my other aunt who hated me liking Superman.I am a type of girl who is not much into dresses and tea parties and other girly stuff.And my aunt always told me what to like and what not to like.I got so dang sick of it.It just HAD to stop.I was done coping with pain of judgment.Sexism was not something knew.I learned a very harsh way.I decided she won't stop.So I decided to stop like Superman.I felt like I had to take it out of my life if i wanted my aunt to stop.So a few months past.My mom noticed I stopped with the whole Superman obsession.This is actually the biggest regret I have .Letting someone else get to my head and let them control me like this.My mom told these exact words.The worlds sees useless and ugly.But I see beauty and perfection just the way you are.I does not matter if you like Superman or other things that your aunt wants you to like,I love you. Don't let them people in your head.I remember these exact words because every day I go to school ,someone has to say something sexist to me.But after this experience,I brush the sexist comments right of mt shoulders because it ain't worth crying for.Up to this date ,my aunt still sometimes judges me.But you know,I don't care. You see girls suffer just because we are being girls.We do suffer.Some of us hide the pain.We can be dying inside but in the outside we can be laughing our heads off.Don't underestimate a single girl.We are strong too.