Buenas noches senoritas y gavaleros

It's Saturday night and I'm sitting in my living room. My bro is playing with Duffy (our german shepherd), my parents are at Hungarian ball (my dad is 1/2 hungarian) and my boyfriend is on his way to me.

What's new in Life Of Meshty? Well...first of all, my finals are finally over and I'm finally free. And the best part is, I had mostly As, Suddenly, I'm not a straight A person but it was just first semester so... we will see.
It's February and it means only one thing - in my hometown the ball season has began.

A week ago I was together with my boyfriend and few of my good friends from high school on a school ball. My old high school organises every year a ball and I really wanted to meet my friends and some of the teachers who I really liked. The ball itself was amazing and I'm really excited for next year's.

ball, food, and yummy image
ABOUT THE BALL 1) What we ate?
ball, food, and yummy image

The foods were delicious (especially the baked potatoes ♥

2) some photos with my friends

ball, happy, and happy together image
Me and Nicole - we became friends in the first day of high school and since then she's one of my closest friends and my only high school classmate with who I chat daily. We know each other very good and we can trust each other.
ball, happy, and happy together image
Me and Danielle - she's three years younger than me, likes different things than me and while I'm more into barbie style she likes emo - but we're still on the same wavelenght. Also, the day when I met her was kinda funny and we always laugh when we talk about it 😄
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Me and Ivan - another good friend from high school. Although he studies in Prague and I'm still in Slovakia we always find time for each other and we talk about literally everything, It was nice to see him after three years.

3) pic with my boyfriend

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Me and the one who makes me always very happy. The one with who I share my life experiences since August 2017. Fun fact - he visited every shop in our hometown just to find a formal shirt in the same color as my dress. What a sweetheart ❤️

So and last but not least... The Valentine's Day. This year's Valentine's Day was awesome but a little bit sad at the same time. Sad because me and Tomi weren't together. My college is in a different town, far away from my hometown (you have to travel three and a half hours) and because it was Wednesday he had to work. Anyway we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend. And it's awesome. We gave each other gifts, ate McDonald's (we both love this unhealthy food 😁🍔 🍟) and then he surprised me with my favorite flower🌹

flower, Valentine's Day, and love image
I just love roses💗

So...I would say that's it for today. See you in the next article.
Your Meshty 💞