Heyyy everyone


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, pink, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image
jeans, sweaters and t-shirts


beach, summer, and sea image quotes, yellow, and aesthetic image flowers, purple, and sky image rainbow, wallpaper, and color image
i like every single color but blue, yellow and purple are my favorites


music, life, and spongebob image book, black, and grunge image b&w, black and white, and death image yellow, aesthetic, and art image

music, reading, sleeping and painting


Mature image funny, spanish, and meme image Image by dejah 🥀 meme, funny, and reaction image
i am a basic stereotype :)


books and percy jackson image book, fandom, and movie image book and alice in wonderland image book, narnia, and sherlock holmes image


food, lasagna, and cheese image chocolate, marshmallow, and food image cookie, pink, and delicious image Image by sara_kriss
pizza, lasagna, hot chocolate and oreo´s


once upon a time, book, and ️ouat image teen wolf image riverdale, pop, and vintage image the walking dead image bitch, pretty little liars, and pll image arrow and Supergirl image
ouat, teen wolf, riverdale, twd, pretty little liars and the arrowverse

Zodiac sign

flowers, sunflower, and yellow image colors, new years, and colours image flowers, rose, and pink image shoes, boots, and black image
i was born in august 22th so i think i am a leo but i feel more like a virgo idk

i hope you like it ( ˘ ³˘)❤

- this challenge is not mine