Hello Dreamers! I apologise for not writing an article for a while. So I am back with an Interior Design related article. I have always dreamed of an apartment like this, so I am going to try bring it to life throughout this article. Here it is; My Dream Apartment...

1. Living Room

living room image city, girl, and new york image home, decoration, and house image city, travel, and new york image
My couch would be beige with white, grey and peach throw pillows and a white coffee table. Across from the couch would be a beige pouf and a wide window viewing onto the city.

2. Kitchen

Mature image furniture, kitchen, and wood image girl, kitchen, and style image inspo, lamp, and minimal image
My kitchen would have a wood base but a stone counter top. A pegboard would sit behind the sink holding items such as shopping lists, wooden spoons and other stuff.

3. Bedroom

grey, home, and interior image white, apple, and room image white, book, and aesthetic image decoration image
My bed would be grey, white and peach. Facing it, would be my desk with my laptop. Beside my desk to the right would be my bookshelf.

4. View

city, bed, and view image city, travel, and building image bangkok, luxury, and thailand image city, new york, and sky image
I would have a nice view of the city. I would like an apartment that would be close to the stores and malls.

5. Bathroom

home, bathroom, and white image bathroom, home, and house image
The bathroom would be made up of grey and white tones / hues. A greyish cabinet would sit along the back wall with the shower to the right and a bathtub to the left.

That finishes of my article. Hope you guys enjoyed and here is my article collection if you want to check it out!

Amearli xoxo