Hey guys, what's good.

So 5sos3 its real, it's coming, finally. And because of that I wanted to make a playlist of some songs that I personaly love, I hope you enjoy ;)

ashton, Tortuga, and hemmings image

+ Catch Fire
+ Castaway
+ Vapor
+ Airplanes
+ Permanent Vacation
+ Broken Home :((

album, tumblr, and luke hemmings image

+ Kiss Me Kiss Me
+ Just Saying
+ Social Casualty

Image by emilie

+ Voodoo Doll
+ Beside You
+ Out of My Limit
+ Disconnected
+ If You Don't Know
bonus: + I miss you (cover) bc c'mon;

5sos, luke hemmings, and michael clifford image

that's it!! I hope you liked it :)) let's prepare ouselves for the album bc it's gonna be lit