Hello lovelies, it's Rei! Here are some tips on giving your hair a little TLC. Hope you enjoy!

Hair Masks

Hair masks are amazing for your hair! You can buy some, or you can use these:

1. Coconut oil from scalp to tips, 20-30 minutes before showering. Makes your hair soft as silk.

2. Mayonaise from scalp to tips, 20-30 minutes before showering. Makes your hair glossy and smooth.

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil can prevent split ends, flyaways, and helps moisturize your dry scalp. Makes your hair smooth and shiny.

4. Honey gives dry hair a boost of hydration. Smooths, softens, and adds shine to your hair.

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Brushing your hair is important, and you should do it at least once a day. It spreads the oils from your scalp evenly down to your tips. However, too much brushing can damage your hair, so be careful.

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As you may have heard, sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate can be rough on your hair, so try to avoid shampoos with those. In addition, you shouldn't wash your hair every day, as it will wash out all the natural oils and dry your scalp out. After showering, brush your hair with a wide tooth comb, not a fine tooth comb or hairbrush. When your hair is wet, it gets stretchy, and when your brush your hair, it pulls it out, weakening it once it is dry.

To dry your hair, be gentle. Don't rub your hair, and don't use a hairdryer every day. You can also use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair, which is a better option than a regular towel.


When styling your hair, make sure you don't tie your hair too tight. This will damage your hair, and also leave a dent. Don't use heat very often, and when you do, make sure to use heat protectant before you do. When going to sleep, make sure you tie or braid your hair loosely so you don't rub it in your sleep.

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don't use styling tools too much, and remember to braid your hair at night.

Growing Your Hair Out

Get regular trims- even just one or two inches is fine. Contrary to popular belief, trims won't make your hair grow longer, but they'll get rid of split-ends, so your hair will grow stronger.

To grow your hair longer, flip your head upside down, and massage your scalp for 4-5 minutes. This stimulates hair growth.

Mix an egg yolk with a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of oil (coconut, olive- anything works). Put this in your scalp, massage for four minutes, and let sit for twenty minutes. Take a shower, and when you come out, your hair will have grown about an inch longer. I've used this before, and it works.

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