Hey everyone:) I'm back with the new article (whoops!). This is an article listing all the cartoon I grew up watchiing as a kid that we can all grab a blanket and watch, and cry with each other while we watch them!

So let us get started then!!!

1.) Courage The Cowardly Dog
Man this is one of my all time favourites. It was so beautiful while being mildly scary ( well many people's parents stopped them from watching it, but I was a litlle rebel ;))
If you don't know it, It's about a little pink dog that goes through a lot of weird situations to protect its owner.
If you remember it, girl you are littt

2.) Catdog
This is a cartoon about a half cat half dog that get through adventures together and it has a pretty catchy theme song to go along with it.

3.) Rugrats
This was literallly just a bunch of toddlers and babies getting up to mischief and adventures

4.) As Told By Ginger
Well Well WELL!
Girl power obviously. A girl whose parents were travellers and nature researchers went about the bush, going through all kids of adventures with her brother

This should have been on number two but I just remembered it but I'm too lazy to fix this lol. No other cartoon could make getting your period wayyyyyy less awkward. It literally taught young girls to be gems theyre supposed to be while being quite entertaining

6.) Dragon Tales
I remembr this cartoon, I probably watched it when I was eight or ten and remember annoying my mother by constantly singing the theme song XD
(Good times lol)

7,) Beavis and Butthead
This cartoon always made me laugh so hard and i still watch some of the episodes to this day

8.) DARIA!
Who else thought Daria was cool and wanted to be like them? Am I the only one, no?

9.) The Cramp Twins
I always looked forward to this cartoon on Cartoon Network. Two little twin brothers growing up. One obviously being the mean one and one the nice one

10.) The Cleveland Show
This was created after family gut and its better than it in my opinions. The story line will just make you laugh so hard.

11.) Clifford's Puppy Days
Anyone remember the little cute red dog that went on adventures. This literally made me want my own puppy (lol I'm still waiting for one:(

12.) Sesame Street
La La La LA
La La La La
Elmo's world
Who remembers dancing to this jam!

13.) The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy
Who remembers this!! I loved how Mandy could scare both Billy and The Grim. This is still one of my favourites to this day:)

14.) Jacob Two-Two
I'll never understand why I liked this cartoon :? but it was pretty good

15.) The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
This was really hilarious to say the least

16.) Tutenstein ( I don't know if I spelt that right whoops!)
This was of a little mummy boy who had a friend and they weren't exploring in th pyramids

17.) Scooby-doo
Well well well
How could I forget this classic. This was a very funny cartoon. I think we can all agree that it was truly epic!!

18.) Cow and Chicken
Seriously the most ridiculous and funny cartoon I have ever watched, The only thing was that we never got to see their parents faces just their legs. To this day im still curious

19.) Power-Puff girls
The old one, not the new one ( the new one sucks so much, sorry not sorry). Girls fighting crime for a better world,seriously what more can you want?

Am I the only one eho thought double D was a girl, no ?

19.2.) Dexter's Labaratory
I still don't understand how Dexter would hide his ENTIRE lab from his parents. SMH I can't even hide my school assignments from my parents.

19.3) Camp Lazlo
This was actually a cute cartoon

19.4) Johnny Bravo
In the end I just hope he falls in love because it was so heartbreaking watching him get rejected after trying so hard.


THANK YOU FOR READING THIS:) i appreciate it. If you want more of these types of articles just follow my articles collection
P,S I turned 18 today ( I know its not relevant but I just felt like telling the world lol)

Thank you loves:) Till next time