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Yves I think is by far the most mystique member. Her debut MV was filled with so many clues that a lot of theories have spawned about what is her place in the group and what is her background story. I am very intrigued by her concept and as always, I am in love with her looks.

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Yves asks a question in Eden. “Is it really a bad thing to disobey God?” If someone has already decided our fate, wouldn’t it be a better life to stand up and against that fate?
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Even if it’s not something grand such as God or fate, Yves sings that she will not surrender herself to any walls or glass ceilings she may have to face.
- loonatheworld, official YouTube channel of LOOΠΔ

✨Quick Facts

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Birth name: Ha Soo Young (하수영)
Birth date: May 24, 1997 (age 20)
Agency: BlockBerryCreative

✨Teaser images:

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Each member of the group has a color of their own and Yves' color is Burgundy:

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Every member has also a corresponding animal and Yves' one is a swan:

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✨Music release:

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✨The story for Yves:

The title track “new” is a song where Yves declares that she will be herself no matter what kind of hardships, pain, and frustration faces her. It is the first track released in the genre of Soultronica in Korea, with Yves’ confident voice laid on top of bold beats to prove LOOΠΔ’s new concept and quality.
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The music video for “new” was directed by DigiPedi. He captures fatal images of Yves, who takes a bite of the apple on purpose to be exiled to the earth.
- loonatheworld, official YouTube channel of LOOΠΔ
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✨Album Photoshoot:

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✨More of Yves' beauty:

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P.S. If you made it to the end, there is also a choreography version:

And there is also a special appearance:

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