fashion, grunge, and aesthetic image girl, fashion, and alternative image clothes, slim, and dark colours image book, girl, and aesthetic image
I mostly wear my black high waisted jeans or mom jeans with fun T-shirts, band merch, and leather jacket or black coat.


hands, sky, and blue image Temporarily removed aesthetic, nike, and shoes image love, hands, and couple image
I loovee blue colour!


books and tea books image art, painting, and aesthetic image girl, grunge, and music image guitar, music, and grunge image
I enjoy reading, painting and playing ukulele or guitar.


italia, water, and italy image travel, adventure, and city image art, architecture, and gold image book, coffee, and photography image
My dream is to move out to Italy and traveling the world. Also, I want to study the history of arts and in the free time, I want to do some photography and to write a book.


Queen, Freddie Mercury, and roger taylor image led zeppelin image ekv image bijelo dugme image
I mainly listen to old rock'n'roll and ex yu rock and punk.