I wrote an article last year about a handful of cities to visit. I vowed to publish the second part, but due to school work, I was only able to write the next part almost a year later. Anyways, here you have the part two of my Cities to visit article- hope you guys enjoy it!


this city is a must. Also, Marseille is really pretty from what I've seen and so, it'd be really nice to actually visit it and see it in person.

Fun fact : located on the southeastern coast of the country along the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is the oldest and the largest in the entire country.

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sorry for not being that much aesthetic. Still, the photos are amazing (props to the photographers)!


I'm kinda afraid to go to Monaco, because I've heard how expensive it is and I sorta don't know how I'd manage to pay everything, from the hotel to the transport. Still, this city has been a go-to on my list, since the Monte Carlo movie with Selena Gomez ( I f*cking love that movie).

Fun Fact: Almost 30% of the population of Monaco was a millionaire in 2014. I can't even pay a milkshake at McDonald's.

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I´ve always been in love with Switzerland, even though I never had the chance to see it myself.

Fun Fact: With 40% of its residents coming from outside of Switzerland, Geneva is the most international city in the world.

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I broke my leg when I went to Zurich (I was 5). Still, I remember all the chocolate I ate in the hospital and how kind everyone was to me, even though I couldn't understand a word they were saying lol. My dad says this is one of the most charming he has ever visited and so, I figured it would good to add to this list.

Fun Fact: Zurich can be spelled in six different ways:
Zurich – French (and English) spelling
Zurigo – Italian spelling
Turitg – Romansh spelling
Zürich – German spelling
Zuerich – German spelling without the umlaut
Züri – The city’s nickname in Swiss German

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dream destination all the wayyyyyyyy!! I love Rome: Love the food, the history, the architecture, the guys 😏... I wouldn't mind living there, at all.

Fun Fact: Some €3,000 is thrown into this iconic water feature every day, mainly by tourists keen to pay heed to the idea that if you toss a coin over your left shoulder and into the fountain, using your right hand, you will return to the city. Coins are collected each night and given to charity.

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okay, guys here you have it! part III will be posted soon! If you guys want, check out part I over here: