Hellooooo! This is my first article! So, here we go.
I recently saw this cute tag going around on WHI where you describe yourself using pictures, called #ThisIsMeChallenge
I´m not sure who started/created this challenge, but whoever it was, thanks!!
Hope you like!

alternative, bad, and beauty image fashion, style, and dress image fashion, dress, and black image adidas, outfit, and style image adidas, fashion, and style image fashion, black, and dress image
As you can see, my style is very varied, and I love it


stars, sky, and night image summer, sea, and ocean image
bff, friends, and london image


girl, photography, and camera image camera, passport, and travel image book, hair, and everything everything image volleyball and blancoynegro image fitness, health, and girl image fitness, running, and motivation image
Nothing like reading a good book, capturing special moments and feeling good exercising your body


dog, girl, and beach image dog, puppy, and cute image dog, cute, and puppy image boy, dog, and puppy image
They are the prettiest


food, pasta, and yummy image food, burger, and hamburger image chocolate, food, and drink image pizza and food image animal, banana, and cute image ice cream image
Omggg, ya me dio hambre.


graduation image alternative, style, and beach image girl, car, and Louis Vuitton image fitness, fit, and workout image fitness, motivation, and fit image couple, love, and adventure image
Be independent and to enjoy life to the fullest.


quotes, show, and show me image quotes, bitch, and pink image quotes, angel, and hell image quotes, smile, and hurt image ambition, boss, and lux image quotes, sarcastic, and question image
The personality is not totally defined, but this is a clue of mine.


anastasia, books, and christian image book, the hunger games, and mockingjay image abby, books, and disaster image books, fantasia, and nora image bibliophile, book, and bookworm image book, gayle, and if i stay image


love, quotes, and stay image fast and furious image iron man and quote image love and 3msc image mamma mia and meryl streep image titanic, shut up, and leonardo dicaprio image


skins, Effy, and pandora image riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image bitch, pretty little liars, and pll image teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image
Skins,Riverdale,Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf♥


Mature image study, note, and school image bed, fitness, and girly image netflix, disney, and princess image girl, tumblr, and friends image Clueless, 90s, and alicia silverstone image
Laugh, cry, chillin

Thanks for reading! Bye♥