books, reading it's becomming a passion of mine. A couple of years ago i didn't even like to read but now oh boy do i love it. I like the kind of books where you sometimes need to pauze and take a breath because it's so beautiful / emotional or even not how you wanted the story to go. Books where you forget you're just reading a story, you start to imagine you are in it, or at least i do (does this make me weird?)

So this is for the other book lovers, a list of books i've read and loved, some have a sad story but still, the books are beautiful and taught me something in life. Something you might like to know before you continue reading; i do like a good romantic story, but not a too cliché one.

➵ Holding up the universe

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Libby goes to school for the first time in years, she was ones America's Fattest Teen. Now she's still big but she wants to go to school again. There she meets Jack, he's very populair. He bullies her once because his friends made him. He's so sorry he writes Libby a letter telling her his biggest secret; he has prosopagnosia, he can't reconize faces and nobody in the whole wide world know accept for Libby now. They become friends, but will they ever be more than friends or will this big secret they have to keep ruin their friendship? I guess you have to read the book to find out.

➵ A quiet kind of thunder

Steffi doesn't talk, Rhys can't hear. They understand each other perfectly.
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Steffi has selective mutism, she bearly talks, but she knows sign language. When Rhys appears on her school she finally has someone to talk to without actually talking. They fall in love but Libbys parents don't really approve because Rhys doesn't enourage her to speak or does he? A wonderful love story that has taught me a lot.

➵ All the bright places

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Violet is devastated after she lost her sister in a car accident, she blames herself. Theodore wants to take his own life, they are on the ledge of the school bell tower together. Theodore convinces Violet to come off, and they become friends. He's is showing her the world so she would be happy again, but what about Theodores will to live? Find out by reading this sad but meaningful story.

➵ Everything Everything

Everything Everything is about the crazy risks we take for love.
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Madeline is allergic to the world so she hasn't left her house in 17years, until the new boy next door.... (i read this book within 24hours it's so good)

➵ Girl in pieces

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Charlotte washes her sorrows away with pieces of broken glass, it makes her calm. Yet there is still hope for her. Start reading this emotional, long journey about self harm and how she found herself again.

➵ Me before you

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Louisa Clark lost her job in the café, after a while she finds a new one as a carer. But she soon finds out she's more like a babysitter for him, Will Traynor has lost his desire to live after his motorcycle accident (he's a quadriplegic). The moment she heard Will wants to take his own life in the form of euthanasia, she does everything in her power to make him want to live again.

➵ After you

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this is the sequel to "me before you" so if you dont want me to spoil the endig of the previous book than skip this one. This book is about Louisa Clark and how she learns to move on after Wills death. I don't like this book as much as me before you but i think it's necessary because it gives you an idea how hard life is when somebody you loved died / took their own life.

➵ 13 Reasons Why

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Hannah Baker died, she took her own life. She did this because of 13 reasons, and if you recieve her tapes you're one of them.... (I don't think i need to explain much more, i think you all know what 13RW is all about. Btw i found the netflix series better than the book but the book is good to.)

➵ Fifty Shades Trilogy

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I don't think i need to explain what these books are all about right? I just want to say the books are so much better than the movies (well the movie of Fifty Shades Freed is as good as the book).

I'm realizing they're more sad stories than good ones but i did learned something from them and i hope you do to if you read them. I also think that more people should understand that the world isn't always bright and sunny, some people go through some horrible stuff and maybe reading these books will help you understand these people a bit more.

Btw i know some topics are more for adults only like Fifty Shades, Girl in pieces and 13reasons why, also All the bright places. So do only read these books if you are old enough and think you can handle the topic. But even i need to put a book down for a while because of the emotions it makes you feel, but don't read a book if you think it would make you feel worse.

Thank you for reading all the way through to the end.

Imperfection xx