9.- List 5 people who have had an impact on your life and describe how.


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in a positive way, is an example too big and her strength in the face of difficult times has taught me that I should never give up even if things are difficult

My second boyfriend

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in a good way, showed me how to love me and put myself first, that being a bit selfish doesnt hurt when that selfishness will help you as a person and make you feel good (obviously without becoming very selfish or narcissistic)

My grandmother

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has taught me to be strong (not in the best way, it wasnt a good impact) that I am worth for who I am, for my thoughts and not for my origins

My father

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he taught me that my happiness doesnt depend on someone, that I can be a happy girl with myself, with me I have what it takes to feel satisfied

My best friend

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with him I have learned that I must see life from a positive side, that bad moments go away with time and that I should always be smiling at life

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