hi again everyone, today I'm going to be writing about some of the staple, unisex pieces that everyone needs in their closet.

✬ the denim jacket

ok, I'm pretty sure that everyone has a denim jacket in their wardrobe because it's such a classic look with a plain white tee and black leggings or cigarette trousers. I love this piece because it's so versatile and perfect for any weather depending on how you style it.

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✵ spice things up with patches or sequins ✵

✬ the chunky knit

the one item of clothing hat I would recommend this winter is a chunky knit jumper or cardigan for keeping warm and cosy. They look amazing just hanging loose with a pair of jeans and white converse, you can't go wrong!

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✬ the white trainers

since I bought my pair of white adidas trainers, I haven't needed to wear any other shoes because they go with everything! Trainers in general can be dressed up or down, casual or dressy, and they are so fashionable too.

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✬ the polaroid tee

I recently bought a polaroid tee and I love it so so much when styled with a long sleeve underneath. These t-shirts are shirts with a square picture on them, like the one below- pretty simple but so stylish and they give me such retro vibes!

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✬ the matching tracksuit

A pretty basic outfit, perfect for lounging at home in or going out and looking 🔥 with your friends. This outfit doesn't have to be expensive either, you can get pretty cheap ones from Pretty Little Thing or misguided

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✬ the plaid skirt

If you want to capture the vintage, retro look, then go for a plaid skirt or blazer. Style a plaid skirt with ankle boots and a graphic tee or jumper to get that Clueless look!

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✬ the silver hoops

silver (or gold!) hoop earrings are such a staple piece of jewellery that I'd recommend for anyone with their ears pierced- hoops add elegance to any outfit and I personally love the small hoop look.

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thank you guys for reading, see you soon x