hey guys!
so in this article im going to talk about MY opinion on some things, you don't have to agree with me but please respect me.
also i don't mean to insult anyone, these are just my opinions. (◡‿◡✿)
let's begin ;

→ acne is NOT disgusting, it's natural almost everyone going through this, just remember that you're beautiful!

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→ mental illness is NOT something to joke about! it's a serious issue and it's something that should be need taking care of.

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→ calling women "sluts" because how they dress is fucking wrong!
woman or even man can wear WHATEVER they want.

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→ reading books doesn't make someone "nerd" or "geek".
in real life i've been hearing people calling me names like that because im reading fucking BOOKS like since when it's a nerdy thing?
( im also not saying that "nerd" or "geek" is a bad words lol )

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→ 80s & 90s movies are fucking great and NOT overrated like everyone says. i mean, im deeply in love with some of them.

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→ intelligence is way more important than beauty.

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→ lgbtq+ community deserve aprition, love & equal rights. ( i hope it's not unpopular )

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umm i guess that's it, thanks for reading ilysm! if you want to do part 2 please like this article & follow my articles collection ;