That's the thing about getting attached to someone. It's the jealousy you get when you see them with someone else. The fire you feel when they switch their attention to another person. The great pain you feel in your heart when they hurt you in the smallest possible way. And the longing for their presence when they aren't there. But what's sadder is how broken you feel when they are gone, maybe temporary, and maybe forever.

It's how you still want them, still, miss them after all the time that passes because it once felt like they were part of you and now that that part is gone all you can feel is hurt.

It's hard really.

But when you don't get attached to someone whomever they talk with, go with, hang with doesn't concern you so much, because you don't feel like it should. Because you know you can find the same relationship you have with them in someone else. You don't feel like you are scared to lose them or that they might not love you every second of every day because they are not yours to keep.