Yesterday a friend sent me a message. He told me: "Something crazy has happened to me! I walked quietly then suddenly I looked at my feet and saw that I was walking, the action itself, I raised my head and it smelled of spring! It's a little stupid but I was happy I needed to share it with someone!". Reading this message made me smile. So I came out of my house and did the same thing! Walking, I realized that there was so much around us that we did not linger, too worried about our problems and the bustle of the city, and yet even if they can appear insignificant, they can change a whole day!

Here is my list of things that make me happy, those that act on me like a "madeleine of Proust", that make me fall back into childhood or that suspend time for a short time:

-The sun on my skin

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-the warm air of spring/ summer

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-The sunrise

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-The smell of a perfume

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-The sound of birds singing

Image by *Ali D*

-Swallows flying in the sky

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-Passing planes leaving their tracks in the sky

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-The shape of clouds

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-A place full of plants

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-The smell of the chimney

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-A beautiful architecture

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-A laughing person

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-The landscape running fast on the train

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-The landscape seen from above

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-The smell of coffee

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-The moon and the stars

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-The feeling of grass underfoot

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-A music

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-A chocolate cake

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-My cats who come to ask for caresses

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-The smell of an old book

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-The sound of flowing water...

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All these moments connect us to the present moment, they are the ones who remind us that we are alive and they are the ones to be savored!