Her eyes... That beautiful, bright eyes.
That eyes, which had all the stars in them.
They had all the colors in them,
All the shades,
All the glitter.
That beautiful eyes, and he couldn't get over them.

When he was looking in her eyes,
It seemed like he finally had found his freedom.
It seemed like he was alive.
Her eyes were the only thing he wanted to see.
Her eyes were the reason he was alive.

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But one day she closed her eyes.
She closed her beautiful, bright eyes...

He couldn't see them anymore.
He was not able to admire them anymore.
He was not able to live anymore.

Eyes. Her beautiful eyes.
He looked for them in every stranger,
He searched, but nothing.
Nothing. Yes. This is the word to describe his emotions.

And he closed his eyes.
And the only thing he saw at that moment, were her eyes.
Her beautiful, bright eyes.

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Thank you so much dear hearters for reading this.♡

- Love Yourself