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So, as some of you may know (if you're in the 5sos family), the boys are releasing a new single in a couple of days, and that means that a new era its coming. And with that im getting a little nostalgic, so I decided to share with you my favorite songs and lyrics. Hope you like it!

➳ Catch Fire

All my life I've been waiting for moments to come
When I catch fire, and wash over you like the sun
I will fight to fix up and get things right
I can't change the world but maybe I'll change your mind
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The melody is so catchy and the lyrics are really inspiring to me.

➳ Never Be

We'll never be as young as we are now
It's time to leave this old black and white town
Let's seize the day, let's run away
Don't let the colors fade to gray
love, couple, and boy image boy, black, and black and white image
This one is really chill and simple, but that's why I love it.

➳ Vapor

I want to breathe you in like a vapor
I want to be the one you remember
I want to feel your love like the weather, all over me, all over me
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I love this song with all my heart, the bass line, the melody, the violins, Luke's voice, everything is a piece of art.

➳ Waste The Night

I don't wanna say goodbye to another night, and watch you walk away
I don't wanna let it burn in the city lights, and make the same mistakes
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This song became one of my favorites when I heard it for the first time live when I saw them on september last year, and the conection with it was real, I don't know if it was the intro or the interlude with Vapor, but i just literally fell in love.

➳ Jet Black Heart

The blood in my veins is made up of mistakes
Let’s forget who we are, and dive into the dark
As we burst into color, returning to life
art, cry, and draw image girl, black and white, and black image
This one has a deep feeling and meaning, its one of my trully personal faves.

➳ If You Don't Know

I want you to want me this way, and I need you to need me to stay
If you say that you don't feel a thing
If you don't know, let me go
love, couple, and boy image love, light, and neon image
Calum's verse is the most beautiful thing. That's all I have to say.

➳ Everything I Didn't Say

Taking every breath away, with all of the mistakes I've made
From all the letters that I saved, this is everything I didn't say
letters, vintage, and Letter image boy, travel, and sun image
The live version of this its so peaceful but yet so powerful.

➳ The Only Reason

I feel you burning under my skin
I swear I see you shining, brighter than the flame inside your eyes
hands, love, and black and white image Image by Hedvig Frantzen Håheim
This one is kind of a "oldie" one, its from an ep and they never play it live, but give it a chance. Its pure emotions.

➳ Fly Away

A never ending replay, with memories I can't erase
I see the best of times in front of me
Now I'm off to paradise, it's your war I'll never fight
Say goodbye to pain and misery
fashion, jacket, and travel image enjoy, guys, and sad image
When I heard this I almost cried, not because it was sad, but because of the meaning behind it. Its full of joy, inspiration and power.

➳ Outer Space / Carry On

The darkest night
Never felt so bright with you by my side
Carry on, outlast the ignorance
Moving on, survive the innocence
It Won't be long, you know it's gonna get better
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This one is like a hug to my soul. The melody is perfect, the violins, Calum's voice, the interlude with the rain and the last verse are just pure. It makes me the happier.

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