- I like writting because I'm too socially akward to talk about my problems.

3rd generation, daughter of Tyler Miller and Sophie Geller. 19 years old with the mind of a child.

aesthetic, art, and bambie image
- Writes a lot, but she doesn't like sharing it because mostly everything is about her insecurities and struggles.
oreo, food, and Cookies image
- She's crazy about oreos and candy. LOVES sugar. Her mother used to hide sweet things from her because she would eat it all.
home, plants, and room image
- Lives alone in a small apartment filled with plants and bullet journals. She doesn´t usually have visitors, but her brother often goes there to sleep.
journal, art, and stars image
- Is obsesed with theories like the butterfly effect and the stars and the universe. She likes to think that everyone has an impact in the cosmos, and that we´re all childs of the universe. We´re all the same thing.
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- Doesn´t like paper flowers or anything that is a fake representation of nature (but draws are okay). Dead gardens make her sad and doesn´t like the dirty air of big towns.