Hey guys, this is my first article here.
I will try to describe myself using pictures only and I hope you will like it.
(I don't know who started this challenge, but it's not mine)


casual, clothes, and clothing image backpack, bag, and red image fashion, style, and outfit image nirvana, rock, and band image


aesthetic, blue, and navy image yellow, wallpaper, and wall image dog, puppy, and white image phone, pink, and wall phone image


aesthetic, blue, and faded image dancing, fun, and girls image book, coffee, and if i stay image Image by Fryd


cat, animal, and cute image beautiful, fashion, and pink image cat, cute, and animal image dog, animals, and mountains image


boho, goal, and pasta image voss, fruit, and water image chocolate and dessert image sushi, food, and aesthetic image


slytherin, green, and aesthetic image feminist, wallpaper, and feminism image travel, nature, and girl image quotes, smart, and pretty image

Dreams and Goals

goals, graduation, and hair image aesthetic, couple, and queer image london, Big Ben, and city image study, doctor, and medicine image


book, the hunger games, and mockingjay image book, john green, and paper towns image books, divergent, and insurgent image book, harry potter, and coffee image


book, coffee, and chocolate image college, motivation, and school image blue and plane image music, guitar, and piano image

So, that's it. Thanks for reading!