Hello dreamers, how are you? Hope you guys are having a great day. This article was supposed to go out yesterday, but I did not have the time, so I'm sorry.

So let's get down to my skincare routine

First things first, I say that my routine is organic because I have a very sensitive skin that starts to break out very easy, and because of this I try my best not to use very aggressive products. I am not a dermatologist, so in case you wanted a routine for your own skin go in consultation with this type of doctor. I'm warning you, this routine may not work for all of you, guys.

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Okay, this routine I usually do at night and in the morning, but with some differences. I take a shower at night, so I usually wash my face in the shower. 🚿 I used to use a cleanser called Actine which is for acne, pimple, etc., and it worked great at first, but after a few months my skin started to get very dry and the cleanser was no longer effective.

So I stopped using any type of skin cleanser and started washing my face with only water. This may not work for you, but it worked for me. I simply at the end of the bath I leave the water in the shower a bit colder and start rubbing my face with the water, massaging and trying to reach everywhere on my face.

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If your skin continues to break out, I advise you to use the cleanser that I have talked about, as it has improved my skin in three days.

After I've washed my face, I wipe it with the towel, and hydrate my face with a Neutrogena moisturizer, which is oil-free, has sunscreen 🌞 and is for all skin types. It is very good, and even though I have a mixed skin (oily in some spots and dries in others), it just does the job very well.

Moisturizer is one thing you need to have, even if your skin is oily, dry, mixed, you need to moisturize it.

Don't forget to moisturize your neck, this is very important.

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After that I usually go to sleep. In the morning it's the same thing, except I just wash my face, I don't pass any moisturizer, because I'm going to school and I do not want my skin to get sticky or too oily.

For my weekly routine, which I do once a week, I add a homemade scrub. It is made with coffee powder mixed with moisturizer. ☕ If you make coffee daily in your house you can use that coffee that gets wet after preparation (I do not know if it makes sense haha). If you want to improve this exfoliant, add a teaspoon of sugar. ( This homemade scrub smells really good.)

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It is repetitive to say that, but this is important for you to have flawless skin, for God's sake, drink water, drink water all the time, drink large amounts of water, just drink. You need to keep your body hydrated, to have a moisturized skin. In a week, or even less you will realize the big difference it makes in your skin.

💦 Water prevents aging skin, keeps skin hydrated, reduces pimples or acne, and decreases oiliness ... JUST DRINK WATER 💦

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If you want to keep your skin flawless all day, carry a Mario Badescu Rose Water 🌹 in your bag, it's very good, it does not sell in my country, which is sad, but I know it has wonderful results. 🌹

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And of course, eat in a healthy way. This will improve your skin a lot, and will do well for your health and body. 🍓🥝🍒🍑

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I hope you enjoyed! 💖 Send me messages! And next week I'm going to post the article "What I eat in a day, being healthy." 🥑🍓🥦🍑🥝🍉🍇 And it will contain some tips on how to maintain healthy eating, foods that improve your skin and a few secrets of mine.

See you soon, dreamers! xX

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