Hi guys,
First of all: Thank you sooo much! I got a lot of (helpful) messages from you guys!!!!
Second: Someone requested to do this challenge so you guys can get to know me a little bit better. So yeah, are you guys excited? I am, haha!

DAY 1 = Ten things I want to say to ten different people right now:
1. My ex-bff: I still love you
2. My almost-ex-bf: Can we talk about us?
3. My mom: I do really love you.
4. My stepmother: I hope you'll love my dad forever
5: My bff: Your body is amazing, stop trying to lose weight
6. My crush: I love u
7. My sister: Thanks for looking out for me.
8. My almost-friend: Thanks for letting me feel like I matter.
9. My bff #2: Thanks for checking on me and always listening to me
10.My ex-bf (long ago): Do you remember me? Because I remember us (haha cheesy)

Okay, this was it. It really made me think a lot about certain relationships with certain people. I hope you enjoyed! I'll see you tomorrow!!

PS. This challenge is ten days. So there will be ten posts like this!