Hello world, I just turned 17 and personally it's not a big deal for me. I'm that type of a person that doesn't celebrate birthdays but I like life lessons that comes with them.
So I decided that I want to share some life lessons that I have learned in 17 years.

  • 1 Take care of yourself, because you matter. Don't throw your health because of someone else.

When I started high school three years ago, I had no friends, I was alone. And because of that I didn't know how it was having friends, going out, hanging out etc.. So because of that I was very excited to meet other people. When I met them, some of them were nice and some weren't. I became friends with most of them, and I grow to love them so much that I would sacrifice my health for them. Whenever they needed something I would be there for them, whenever they needed someone to talk to I was there, whenever they needed anything I would give them that, even if I don't feel like it, I would rather listen to them and help them than myself and that's bad. I like helping others, but I promised myself I won't do anything that can harm me in any way, also I will care first for me than other people. Because in the end, they never helped me with something and they were never there for me.

  • 2 Study for yourself

I'm a lazy person, and I don't like to do stuff that other people made me do. But when I think about that in different perspective, I can do that. Studying can be fun if you do it for yourself and not for other people. Learning can be fun if you do it for you and not for the grade. Studying can be fun if you do it everyday for an hour or 30minutes. I promised myself that I will try my best to study for me and only for me.

  • 3 You have one life, don't let other people control it.

You are special, and you came on this Earth for a reason. You have to live this life the best you can, and you have to live it for yourself and by your rules. Do not follow other peoples choices or decisions , follow your own. Make your rules and don't break them. Be the best you, you can be. Try harder, if you want that tattoo, do it(If you are in right age ofc, do not do it if you are 12 because it's not healthy especially for young skin), if you want that piercing get it, if you want to travel do it, if you want to work, go for it. You can do whatever you want..I have a teacher that doesn't like piercings, tattoos, colored hair but who is she to judge anyone ?

  • 4. Fight for your dreams.

My family doesn't beleve in dreams. And whatever I wanted as a kid they would tell me it's imposible. It isn't, yeah I know it sounds childish and ridiculous, but really. If you dream of something and you work hard enough for it as a teenager and adult, you can accomplish it.

  • 5. Be a good person, help someone, even if it's a animal or a plant or a human. Helping makes you a good person, and if you do it in a right way you can feel good.

I have a friend that has a problem with mental health, and instead of being rude I started to talk to her and help her with her school work and just being there for her if she needs me, and really that makes me feel good about myself.. Also I found a kitty one year ago and I took her home with me, she was so small and sad and hungry, now she's a big, happy, healthy cat and that makes me happy.

  • 6. Take your time. If you are feeling like you need to be alone, ask for that, make yourself comfortable, make yourself happy first. If you want to be alone, go for it.
  • 7. Write a diarly.

I started writing a diary when I was 7, and now when I look at it it's so incredible how far I have come.. How much I have grown up.. It's incredible even when I read a sad part, it's just heart warming and heart breaking when I see how I was handling things before and how I do it now.

  • 8. Learn how to cook.

Believe me it's important. No matter who you are, you should learn it and be prepared. You won't live forever with your parents, and believe me you can eat fast food forever. Learn it, it isn't hard and it can be fun if you do if with love and passion.

  • 9. Learn to fight. Self defence is important, especially for females, and believe me when I say, I know it very well.

Few days ago I was traveling from school to my home. When I got from a bus I started walking towards another bus station, and it was dark outside. While I was walking an older man grabed me by my hand and started telling me stuff like "Hey little girl.. why are you scared..." etc.. I was terified, I didn't know what to do. Yes I could punch him or something, but he's older and bigger than me, so I ran away very fast and got on a station were I met another woman, so that old man went away.. I was very scared and when I got home I told that to my mum, but she did nothing because he didn't hurt me. But to prevent things from happening I started to look for a gym class that learns teens how to defend themselvs.

  • 10. Take photos. It's beautiful when you can take a photo and later in life when you look at it it can remind you of a beautiful times. I like to take loads of photos so that I can remember some beautiful moments.
  • 11. Care for your own opinion.

_ If you like something, don't care what other people are thinking. It's your life and it's your body, you own it not those people._

  • 12. Adopt a pet.
  • 13. Do not trust loads of people. Some of them can act pretty good, and be your good friend, but when something happens they will probs leave you. Believe yourself first, and then decide who you want to trust.
  • 14. Ask for help if you need it. Your problem won't go away if you don't deal it. Your wound won't heal if you do not take care of it. It's hard and I know it, but asking for help can actually help you so much.. If it didn't work the first time, it will work another or another time. Just keep pushing and trying.
  • 15. Save money. One day you will be grateful for that amount you have saved in the past.
  • 16. Do not regret anything in your life. Everything happens for a reason. You are born for a reason. If you were wrong yesterday make sure that you won't be wrong today. But don't regret those mistakes, because of them you learned your lesson.
  • 17. Don't be so hard on yourself darlin'. Eventually everything will work out.

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