I`m gonna show you my favorite Actors and Actresses (What a surprise😂)

Emma Watson🌷
You may know Emma as Hermione in Harry Potter, but she also plays a lot of other roles. For me, she is the most inspiring person ever, cause she fights for women and children's rights.

emma watson, harry potter, and beauty image Image by Sudem Uludağ

Emmas Roles:
Beauty and the beast (Belle)
The Circle (Mae Holland)
Colonia Dignidad (Lena)
Regression (Angela Gray)
Noah (Ila)
Harry Potter 1-8 (Hermione Granger)
And a few more🍄

Noah Schnapp🌵
I think, nearly everybody knows Noah for his work in Stranger Things. All the actors in ST are amazing and have a lot of talent ,especially Noah 'cause he's the youngest of the kids and have a very difficult role to play.

noah schnapp image noah schnapp and stranger things image

Noahs Roles:
Stranger Things (Will Byers)
Bridge of Spies (Roger Donovan)
The peanuts (Noah voiced Charlie Brown)

Millie Bobby Brown🌺
Yup, another Stranger Things actor, I just love the Show. Like Noah, Millie plays a very difficult role. She had to act with her emotions and not with many words. And for a 13 years old girl she did it amazing.

millie bobby brown, stranger things, and eleven image Image removed

Millies Roles:
Stranger Things (Eleven)
Navy CIS (Rachel Barnes)
Once upon a time in Wonderland (Young Alice)
Intruders (Madison O'Donnell)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster🌴
Stunning. Just Stunning. I first saw him in Maze Runner and since then I'm a biiiigggg fan.

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Thomas Roles
Maze Runner (Newt)
Game of Thrones (Jojen Reed)
Orbit Ever After (Nigel)
Accused (Jake Murray)
Bobby's Girl (Alan Langham)
Red Nose Day Actually (Sam)
Station Jim (Henry)
Hideaways (Liam)
Bright Star (Samuel Brawne)
The last Legion (Romulus Augustus)

That's it for today, hope you like it!