To begin with - I love old movies. New movies. Different genre and different cast. Well, my taste is different, not classical. I do not like modern comedies (they are awkward and sexist) and action movies. Enjoyyyy!

1. Anne of Green Gables
Classic! The book and the movie, both are amazing. Anne is awesome girl. Great personality. The story is funny, fresh, cheerful and it will catch your heart! Oh, and Gilbert!! <3
Release date: 1985

anne shirley, anne of green gables, and book image anne of green gables image anne of green gables, cute, and blonde image anne of green gables, gilbert blythe, and anne image

2. Beetlejuice
Old humor, a little bit awkward, but still funny! Suitable for children, but with lots of adult jokes. You can watch it anytime, Halloween is the most ideal. If you like ghosts and strange creatures, go ahead! I hope Burton soon decides to make another part!
Release date: 1988

beetlejuice image beetlejuice, joker, and batman image Temporarily removed actress, attractive, and beautiful image

3. Creepshow 1, 2
Collection of short stories from King made into the movie! Not everyone loves King as a writer, but if you neglect the fact that it is from him, you could enjoy it. Classical old horror stories, also very funny. I liked it!
Release date: 1982, 1987

80s, carnival, and circus image Image by loveguts creepshow image creepshow and horror image

4. Crimson Peak
Man, how much I love this movie! And how much I love Tom Hiddleston. An incredibly good story, a great shot, a perfect cast and the place where it was shot. You will feel that spirituality and the era, you have to watch this! It is so beautiful, I want that kind of love too.
Release date: 2015

dress, crimson peak, and Mia Wasikowska image blonde, pretty, and edith cushing image crimson peak and edith cushing image tom hiddleston, crimson peak, and actor image

5. Edward Scissorhands
This story got me completely. I love Edward. While I watch this movie I am crying, I'm laughing, I'm upset and cheerful at the same time. I love all the characters and Edward's whole story. I've seen it a lot of times, but I'll always return to watch it again. And - Johnny Depp, ladies.
Release date: 1990

90s, edward, and movie image johnny depp, edward scissorhands, and movie image johnny depp, edward scissorhands, and movie image edward scissorhands, 90s, and winona ryder image

6. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Newt is my love. The whole movie is beautiful and I am glad that the story full of magic came back.
Release date: 2016

eddie redmayne, fantastic beasts, and harry potter image fantastic beasts, newt scamander, and eddie redmayne image fantastic beasts, newt scamander, and eddie redmayne image harry potter, newt scamander, and magic image

7. Grease
Simple, silly story, from a high school, expressing feelings we know so well! And the songs are catchy. I recommend looking through the summer evening or at the beginning of the school year!
Release date: 1978

grease, pink, and pink ladies image grease, couple, and movie image grease, movie, and John Travolta image grease, quotes, and daddy image

8. Grinch
Christmas Movie - my most favorite. I love Jim Carrey as an actor and Grinch as a character. Whos are amazing people, with a crazy opinion about Christmas, but with a big heart. You will fall in love with this green man! (and those quotes - they are legendary)
Release date: 2000

grinch, christmas, and help image grinch, christmas, and Taylor Momsen image grinch, christmas, and movie image baby image

9. Hacksaw Ridge
Now we move to the another story - to the middle of the war. Hacksaw Ridge is a story about Desmond Doss, who served, but refused to hold a gun and kill. You know it was not easy. Andrew Garfield played the main character and I must admit - message in the movie was so strong. It will change your view of some things. I recommend!
Release date: 2016

hacksaw ridge image Abusive image andrew garfield and hacksaw ridge image couple, movie, and soldier image

10. Harry Potter
There is nothing to write about this. The story of the famous Harry Potter knows everybody. The film of my childhood and whole life. Always.
Release date: 2001 - 2011

harry potter, ron weasley, and spider image harry potter image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image

That is all for this time, next time I will show you another movies!
Hope you enjoyed, get inspired and see you later! (and sorry for my english)

Ema the Boneless 💕💕💕

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