Hi guys, so today I had a super idea to do an article about colors contained in the letters of my name. So these are going to be really particular, weird and rare colors. Hope you like the idea.

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My name is Chiara, a typical italian name.
So let's see!

C : coral

accesories, classy, and coral image retro image coral, nails, and neon image shoes, adidas, and orange image coral, dress, and fashion image beach, sand, and body goals image
light orangey-red

H : heliotrope

heliotrope# stone image flowers, nature, and purple image purple, fig, and fruit image purple, fashion, and aesthetic image purple, violet, and makeup image art, flowers, and purple image
bright, between purple and pink

I : ivory

white, silk, and fabric image bridal, bridal gown, and bride image dress, wedding, and white image fashion, style, and aesthetic image accessories, fingerless gloves, and wedding image fashion, dress, and haute couture image
between white and cream color, obtained from elephants' fangs

A : amaranth

fruit, food, and raspberry image red, aesthetic, and silk image lips, nails, and makeup image deep purple and lips image theme, dark, and raspberry image bag, fashion, and YSL image
deep purple-red

R : royal blue

blue, royal blue, and style image dress and blue image fashion, blue, and dress image nails and blue image crown, Queen, and blue image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
lively, electic blue

A : aquamarine

summer, blue, and tumblr image donuts, food, and blue image dress and fashion image aesthetic, flip flops, and alternative image beach, summer, and sea image hair, flowers, and hairstyle image
between green and cyan

Hope you find it interesting, I discovered a lot of colors I didn't even know they existed and I like them all actually!
See u soon