Today I will write about the #ThisIsMeChallenge


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In the summer I like to dress with "hippie vibes" , meanwhile in the winter I like to dress comfortably with high-waist jeans and shirts or tshirt with logos. My logos are very important because they show what I like and what I think (just like Marvel tshirts or feminist tshirts)


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grey it's like my happy color. It's the color that I always wear and the color that calms me. When the sky is light grey I'm happier.


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I LOVE PETS. Although I only owe a dog, I'd love to owe a cat, and in the future even more pets just like fishes and little hamsters.


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I AM ITALIAN and as an Italian pizza is like a religion. I'm a big fan of Nutella, but at the moment I'm trying to stay healty. So I'm on a diet, and it's h a r d

Dreams and Goals

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I want to explore, I want to create new memories, I want a badass motorbike, I want a lover...


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I ADORE the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I find superheroes fascinating. I love rock music. I'm socially awkward and for the past few I had social anxiety, that caused me to not have many friends or adventures, that's why I'm trying to recover. And last but not last, I AM A FEMINIST.


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Green Day, Oasis, U2. This is what I listen, all day long. But noe I'm trying to add more rock singers and bands on my list...

Aaaaand that's it... This is me, with all my awkardness and nerdy vibes. It was not easy for me, to be able to express myself completely. My family doesn't like what I like, and it was hard for me to get friends and to maintain relationship, and not just let them go away. I'm not sensitive, I don't miss people and I don't get very affectionate. But I'm trying to change. And WHI was very important in this. It helped me gaining inspiration and finding new passions and lifestyles.


XoXo, Adelaide