Do you know these movies where some guy is standing on the street and everyone around him is accelerated? Everyone is moving so fast that it does not seem real?

I feel similarly.

For me, everything is so distant, so fast that I have no chance to react or even realize what the hell is going on.

I feel like I am not completely here even though my body is present.

Do you know this feeling when you are high or drunk? I do not mean that feeling when you are acting crazy and having good time. I mean that feeling when you are completely numb, when everything seems like dream and you know you are not part of reality. It is similar.

I cant say how long I am feeling like this or when I have realized that something is wrong because the time is mixing up. I do not know what happened when and when I was doing what.

I am lost.

I am drowning in the unknown...or am I just getting crazy?

-Thanks for reading, L.